Aircraft Painting

Our three step Aircraft Painting process

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Your aircraft windows, windshields, wingtips, ram air intakes, antennas and other composite surfaces are protected during stripping process. At this point, your aircraft control surfaces are then removed and completely stripped of previous paint. Aircraft surfaces and fuselage are inspected thoroughly for corrosion (and other defects) before the new paint process begins. Any evidence of corrosion will be removed and treated as needed. The aircraft is then rinsed to remove all foregin matter and chemically etched with mild phosphoric acid solution. When dry, the skin is treated to remove any excess residue.

Paint Preparation
All aluminum surfaces to be painted are treated with alodine (a corrosion proofing material). We then prime surfaces with the latest in priming technology, that has not 1, but 3 corrosion inhibiting elements that give better adhesion and corrosion protection. We also offer an environmentally-friendly alternative chrome-free treatment for land planes.

Three coats of our standard paint, Linear Polyurethane Coatings, is allowed to dry for 24 hours. Accent striping and numbers are then cleaned and detailed. Controls are checked for balance per manufacturer’s specifications and reinstalled.

Aircraft Painting